The history of the NFL goods

3 - The history of the NFL goods

The Jets and Patriots played an NFL game on September 23, 2001. It was a hot, wet night at Old Foxboro Stadium. Were five minutes when linebacker Mo Lewis steamrolled the quarterback of the New England Patriots, Drew Bledsoe. Soon after he went into the dock – he suffered an internal bleeding that could have cost him his life – and his replacement came in: a 24-year-old, unknown, who the previous year had been chosen in the sixth round of the draft, in 199th place.

That blond boy with the perfect smile never gave up title again. His name, Tom Brady, is now associated with that of one of the great legends of world sport. Not spent even five months until Brady led the triumph of the Patriots in the Super Bowl, conquering of step his first MVP.

The final game

The final was played on February 3, 2002 in New Orleans and the Patriots ‘ rival was Los Angeles Rams. It has taken 17 years for these two franchises to meet again in a Super Bowl, as will happen on February 3-next Sunday – in Atlanta.

Only the 41-year-old Brady fireproof survived from that game, and Bill Belichick, the coach. A little poetic justice because, although it now seems unthinkable, amateurs did not quite understand that Brady was the headline instead of Bledsoe, who was the best paid player in the NFL.

Much has rained since then-almost half of the current stadiums did not exist – and now no one disputes that Brady is the best quarterback in history a week away from playing his ninth Super Bowl-he goes out to one every two years – and pursuing his sixth title Vince Lombardi.

The Patriots will be back at the most watched event of the year in the United States thanks to old Brady taking the reins in the previous game, in front of the Chiefs, a freezing day at the Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, to decant the crash in overtime.

I have never liked these boys so perfect, sculptural, handsome, rich and paired with beautiful women, in his case with the stunning, and also millionaire, Gisele Bündchen. It has always been the losers at the end of the good movies, the ones who praise the rebels and dark-haired ones who never had it so easy.

Although I have to say that Tom Brady is not bad. Lucky for football that his father -” the original Tom Brady”, as he likes to remember-left the seminar to become a real estate consultant, fall in love and be the father of three girls and a boy who, unlike them, was never the best at anything.

The glabrous Tom was the alternate in the college and in the university the Wolverines of Michigan,
then he stydy tegnology, and psyhology where the psychologist let him go to that guy sorry: “Tommy, if it was easy it would not be special.”

On draft day the lucky draw followed, along with his father, but when they were already in the fifth round, demoralized, he went for a walk down the street. Already in the Patriots he went back to his place, to the dock. Until that hot 2001 night a’ train ‘ ran over Bledsoe, who only lasted a couple more seasons at the NFL and who now, at 44, watches the career of the amazing Brady while running a winery in his hometown.

He was able to play American football for a reason, because since childhood he was a capable boy and was interested – How technology has evolved recently.

The fondness for football was awakened by Papa Brady, who took the family to see the 49ers whenever he could. One day, in 1981, sitting in his Candlestick Park chair, little Tom was stunned when legendary Joe Montana and Dwight Clark starred in ‘The Catch’, an anthological play that is still remembered.

Tom Brady is a walking legend today-thanks in part to Alex Guerrero, the health care guru of the alkaline diet – in a country that is enthusiastic about football. A certainty corroborated by the Green Bay Press-Gazette, which made a report in 2015 examining 500 newspaper obituaries. There he found that 300 of these were about people described as Packers fans, the local Green Bay team, a city in which three quarters of its population – 104,000-fits into Lambeu Field, a stadium that is always packed. An 84-year-old woman told the journalist that she had already decided how to be buried, wearing her Brett Favre T-shirt, the historic quarterback of the Packers, autographed on the right sleeve.

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