Technological preparation of production (MSW)

Technological preparation of production (MSW)

MSW is the development of a set of technical documentation and the provision of production with the means of technological equipment, that is, how, what, where and when the product is produced.

In the industry, there is a single system of solid waste, which includes more than 3000 state standards for various types of tooling and typical processes.

Standards regulated by the following documents:

  • technological map;
  • list of special technological equipment ;
  • process instructions ;
  • calculation of the duration of technological cycles ;
  • list of control and measuring equipment ;
  • labor, material and cost norms and standards;
  • the list of non-standard equipment.

Technological map – the main document of MSW, which sets the MSWparameters of technological training namely: equipment, categories of work, time standards.

There are two types of technological maps: operational and route.

Operational process map – the main document for each process map, consisting of 6 parts:

  • sketch drawing of the product or part;
  • list of all transitions in the middle of the operation;
  • operating mode;
  • equipment and tooling;
  • modes of operation, time standards;
  • methods of control and testing.
  • Operational flow charts are used in all types of production.
  • Routing the routing is mainly used in small batch and individual production.

This type of card determines the sequence of the passage of the product on the shops and sites, indicating the relevant technological operations and contains a list of equipment, equipment, discharge works, time standards.

An important state of solid waste is the design and manufacture of tooling. It includes:

  • technological equipment;
  • equipment;
  • tooling;
  • means of mechanization and automation of production processes.

Tooling – specially designed devices and devices that allow you to expand the functionality of serial equipment.

Their choice is carried out taking into account the design and technological features of the product, the type of production, the volume of production of new products. The larger the volume of production, the greater the economic effect of the use of special equipment, as the costs are quickly recouped for reducing the complexity of operations. It should be noted that the production of tooling is one of the largest and cost parts of solid waste

The main task of the technology lies in the selection of equipment for the existing classifiers and reference books.

MSW consists of the following sequence of works:

  • the choice of the workpiece;
  • calculation of the number of materials that go to waste;
  • establishing the structure of the technological process, i.e. its division into separate technological operations and establishing their sequence and transitions;
  • selection and calculation of the amount of equipment (type, model, performance, capacity, manufacturer and other TEP, including price);
  • range of equipment;
  • selection of measuring and control means.

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