How to manage production

How to manage production

Director – the highest line Manager at the enterprise, who provides General management through the heads of services and main shops and is responsible to the owner of the enterprise.

The service is an Association of related management units headed by a Deputy Director.

The technical service is headed by the chief engineer who is the functional Manager of the highest rank responsible for technical progress of the enterprise. He is the first Deputy Director in his position. The chief engineer supervises the technical service through the heads of such departments:

  • chief designer;
  • chief process engineer;
  • pre-production (documents, technical standards);
  • mechanics and automation (design and implementation);
  • standardization (standards, SPECIFICATIONS, implementation);
  • chief metrologist.

Production service is headed by Deputy Director of production. It consists of such departments:

  • production and dispatching;
  • chief mechanic;
  • chief power;
  • transport;
  • labour protection.

The economic service is headed by the chief economist, Deputy Director. Consists of the following sections:

  • planning and economic;
  • labor and wages;
  • financial.

Commercial service is headed by Deputy Director for commercial work. Consists of the following sections:

  • delivery;
  • sale’s;
  • warehousing;
  • pickings;
  • external transport.

Personnel Department is headed by the Deputy Director of human resources and life. Consists of the following sections:

  • personnel;
  • personnel training;
  • administrative services (televidenie, upkeep, cleanliness and order);
  • fire safety;
  • enterprise security;
  • housing and maintenance.


Director departments:

Central accounting (the right to appoint or dismiss the chief accountant has only the owner of the enterprise;

technical control Department (it is subordinated to the administrative owner of the enterprise, operational Director, methodically − chief engineer);

  • capital construction department;
  • legal department;
  • special Department (protection of state and commercial secrets).

Large workshops with a workforce of over a thousand people in the management structure is approaching the structure of enterprise management.

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