Development of technological systems

Development of technological systems

Modern production processes are characterized by a wide variety of products and, of course, great complexity.

For the processing of raw materials into final products should have a relatively large number of functionally different stages of processing. At each stage, you need different types of energy, auxiliary materials, equipment, etc.

The development of a specific system has a specific objective. Such purpose for technical systems is the creation of highly effective products, that is such on which make necessary production not only the necessary quantity and quality but also the economically expedient way with the minimum pollution of the environment.

When designing a technological system should be aware of:

  • environment,
  • new progressive directions of development of this technology as the problem of rational use of raw materials, energy, etc. Depends on them.

The next step is to determine the topology of the system and such parameters:

  • incoming variables,
  • technological,
  • structural,
  • the technological regime in the elements of the system,
  • technological flows, etc.

system development timeline outline - Development of technological systemsInput variables – the physical parameters of the input streams of raw materials, as well as the parameters of various physical and chemical effects of the environment that affect the process of functioning of the system. It can be pressure, temperature, concentration, etc.

Technological-degree of conversion of raw materials and component separation, the coefficient of the Issa-teploperenosa and so In.

Structural – geometric parameters of the units.

Process mode parameters in the system elements-temperature, pressure, activity of catalysts, etc.

Parameters of technological flows (they provide the system operation in a given mode) – the mass of raw materials, its temperature, pressure, the concentration of matter in the flow, etc.

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