How technology has evolved recently

Today’s world has moved to a new stage of life, where the main role is played by information, as well as the economy based on it. The modern development of the information society is directly related to the need to collect, process and transmit huge amounts of information, the transformation of information into a commodity, as a rule, of considerable value. This has led to a global transition from an industrial to an information society. The emergence of the world wide web has led to a large-scale growth of international communication in various spheres of human life. Continue reading “How technology has evolved recently”

The concept of systems and their components

Everything in the world is made up of systems. A machine, a living organism, society as a whole is a system.

The system is a set of certain elements between which there is a functional connection. Thus, if the device is considered as a system, its individual nodes will be elements of this system. If the system Assembly plant, the individual process elements of the Assembly plant; if the system Assembly shop, its elements and Assembly units. Continue reading “The concept of systems and their components”